MINUTES of the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2010 of the Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection
Training Room, Archives New Zealand, Wellington 6:00pm, Wednesday 28th April 2010

(Last year’s minutes Minutes of the 2009 meeting)
Minutes of 2011 Meeting


Sheila Williams, Jean McCluskey, Linda McGregor, Mary Atwool, Bill Simpson

2.The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2009

Alison Grant / Tania Connelly

3.Matters arising


4.President’s report

Joan McCracken / Emma Macdonald

5.Matters arising from the President’s Report

Meetings: David explained that there had been fewer events for members because of the building-related activity at the National Library and the absence overseas of several committee members.

Research Librarian: David noted that Lynne Jackett had retired on 10 July. Linda McGregor did sterling work in caring for the collections and clients until Mary Skarott was appointed to the position in March 2010.

Collection support: Lynne expressed appreciation of the assistance provided by committee members and Friends David Retter, Maryanne Dobie, and Linda McGregor – with special thanks to Barbara Robertson for her dedication to the task. Their contribution enabled the book-plating project to be completed before the collection was prepared (by boxing or wrapping fragile items and reorganising the collection into fewer sequences) for transfer to the Archives New Zealand building. Their efforts were acknowledged by acclaim.

6.Treasurer’s Financial Report 2009/2010

Joan McCracken / Barbara Robertson

Motion: That the membership fee be retained at $20 per annum.

Joan McCracken / Lynne Jackett.

Passed by acclaim.

7.Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection Scholarship / Research Grant report

David recapped progress on the change from scholarship, available only to Victoria University of Wellington students, to a research grant available to applicants from across New Zealand, and the increase in value from $500 annually to $2,000 biennially.

The committee will discuss advertising the research grant at its next meeting.

Susan Price noted that she had received no applications for her research grant this year.

David invited people to nominate suitable applicants and to provide them with information.

Barbara Mabbett asked where the research grant would be advertised. Lynne responded that it would be placed on the National Library, Friends’ and established grants websites, and brought to the notice of universities, including their Education departments (formerly known as Colleges of Education).

8.Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection website report

Joan reported on behalf of the webmaster, Jeff Hunt, that it had been a quiet year for the website, but that Newsletters and meeting announcements had been placed on the website and notice of Hugh Price’s death had been posted promptly. He noted that usage was 1 or 2 visits a day, but given the size of the membership that probably meant that researchers are finding the site from around the world, from time to time. Jeff commented that the high quality of the Newsletters means that they look good on the site and are well worth archiving for public access.

9.Election of Officers for the 2010/2011 Committee

The following officers and committee members were elected unanimously, by acclaim:

Patron: Margaret Mahy

President: David Retter

Treasurer: Janet Blake

Membership Secretary: Trevor Mowbray

Correspondence Secretary: Barbara Robertson

Minutes Secretary: Lynne Jackett

Newsletter: Joan McCracken

Committee: Audrey Cooper, Alison Grant, Emma MacDonald, Mary Hutton,

and new member, Mary Skarott.

10.General Business

a)The National Library re-building project and DNW services

Penny Carnaby, National Librarian, said that the New Generation National Library project is proceeding apace.

Collections have received additional conservation care before being moved to their temporary locations during the revitalisation of the Wellington building. All is progressing well and on budget.

The final stage of the National Digital Heritage Archive, to preserve the national digital memory, will be launched in the first week of May 2010.

On 1 July 2010 the new Auckland Centre of the National Library will open in downtown Auckland, with a focus on literature, literacy and reading.

DNW services are available at Archives New Zealand and National Children’s Collection services are available from the Reading Room on Thorndon Quay. Clients make appointments to talk to Mary Skarott.

b)Suggestions for future meeting topics and for Notes-Books-Authors topics.

David asked members to let the committee know if they had any suggestions.

The meeting closed at 6:36pm

The meeting was followed by A writer’s journey, and illustrated talk by Wellington author, Philippa Werry


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