Since 1985 the Society of the Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection have been producing Notes Books Authors a series of irregular research papers on aspects of Children’s literature. All NBA, except number 7, have been digitised and are available on this site. here Copies of some issues are available for purchase from the Soc. These are indicated below. Copies marked * are available for purchase from the the Society at PO Box 12499, Wellington 6144. Issues 2 to 6 and 8 to 11 $3.00 issue 7 and 12 $5.00,
Number 1
May 1985
Papers on the Dorothy Neal White Collection
edited by Audrey Cooper and Margot Crawford

Number 2 *
July 1989
Clare Mallory: a personal memoir
by Janet Maconie

Number 3
December 1989
Mrs George Cupples
by Elspeth White

Number 4 *
August 1991
How names become people [About author Edith Annie Howes]
by Celia Dunlop

Number 5 *
September 1995
Charles Hamilton & the ” All Blacks”
by R V Moss

Number 6 *
June 1996
J H Ewing and the self-determined child
by Julie K Eberly

Number 7 *
Dorothy Neal White: a tribute
[Not yet digitised]

Number 8 *
LM, KM, EL, ME & me, KDG:
a talk to The Friends
by Kate De Goldi

Number 9 *
The writings of Elsie J Oxenham:
a New Zealand perspective

by Barbara Robertson

Number 10 *
Willingly to War’: British and imperial boys’ story papers, 1905-1914
by Andrew Francis

Number 11 *
Keeping “each of the twos in its right place”
the problematic return journey

by Beatrice Turner

Number 12 *
The 1940s: a turning point: changes in writing for children

Number 13
Special Prize for Gardening
School and Sunday School Prizes in New Zealand during World War I
Examples from the DNW Collection

Number 14
Dismal, Didactic, or Delightful?
New Zealand Picture Books of the 1940s and 1950s
Kay Handcock

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