MINUTES of the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2009 of the Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection
The Auditorium, National Library of New Zealand 6:00pm, Thursday 30th April 2009

(Last year’s minutes Minutes of the 2008 meeting)
(Last year’s minutes Minutes of the 2010 meeting)


Barbara Mabbett, Penny Carnaby, Kerry Fryer, Roger Swanson, Emma Macdonald, Dorothy Mitchell

2.The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2008

Joan McCracken/ Barbara Murison

3.Matters arising


4.President’s Report

Barbara Robertson/ Gillian Headifen

5.Matters arising from the President’s Report.

Book plates: Susan Price expressed reservations about inserting anything into books. Lynne explained that the decision was made to insert the book plates because it added to the security of the collection. Acid-free paper and conservation glue are used, so that the process is reversible if necessary.

6.Treasurer’s Financial Report 2008/2009

Trevor Mowbray noted the two sizeable donations received during the year. These additional funds will allow the Friends to do more things, including purchasing some early New Zealand titles for the Collection. He has changed the banking procedure to get more favourable terms (Term Saver Account) and higher interest.

Trevor announced to the meeting that he is standing down as Treasurer after 25 years. He will continue to maintain the membership database and Janet Blake will take on the account management and reporting responsibilities of the Treasurer. Trevor’s contribution (thus far!) was acknowledged with acclaim.

Fay Far / Alison Grant

Motion: That the subscription be retained at $20 per annum.

Joan McCracken/David Retter

7.Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection Scholarship / Research Grant report

Joan reported that we have been awaiting the confirmation of the level of availability of the Dorothy Neal White and National Children’s Collections during the National Library building redevelopment before we open the Research Grant up for applications. We anticipate being able to do so within the next month.

8.Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection website report

Joan reported that Newsletters and meeting announcements had be placed on the web site and work has begun on a virtual version of the Grimm stuff exhibition. Additional Notes-Books-Authors will also be added in the next year.

Lynne noted that she received a number of enquiries via the web site each year – frequently about Mrs George Cupples. The Friends web site is the top result for a Google search for Mrs Cupples.

9.Election of officers for the 2009/2010 Committee

The following officers and committee members were elected unanimously, by acclaim:

Patron: Margaret Mahy

President: David Retter

Treasurer: Janet Blake

Membership Secretary: Trevor Mowbray

Correspondence Secretary: Barbara Robertson

Minutes Secretary: Lynne Jackett

Newsletter: Joan McCracken

Committee: Janet Blake, Audrey Cooper, Alison Grant, Emma MacDonald, and Mary Hutton.

David thanked retiring committee member, Tania Connelly, for contribution over several years.

10.General business

a.The National Library building project – The Government announcement of reduced funding will not affect the need to remove the collections and the staff from the National Library building from later in 2009 until early 2012. Both the Dorothy Neal White and National Children’s Collections will remain available to researchers (apart from a brief period when they are actually being moved) from two nearly locations. The only difference will be that clients will not be able to browse the shelves.

b.Suggestions for future meeting topics and for Notes-Books-Authors topics.

David asked members to suggest topics for future events and noted that Trevor Mowbray is working on a presentation featuring books from the 1940s. Lynne suggested that author Fleur Beale be invited to speak at an event.

c.Susan Price offered the lower floor of her home as a venue for Friends events while the meeting rooms at the National Library are unavailable.

The meeting closed at 6.42 pm

The meeting was followed by A few of my favourite things, an illustrated talk by the Research Librarian, Lynne Jackett


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