Conference Room, National Library of New Zealand 6:35pm, Monday 29th May 2006

(Last year’s minutes Minutes of the 2005 meeting)
(Next year’s minutes Minutes of the 2007meeting)

Emma MacDonald, President, welcomed Friends and guests. Twenty-eight members and five guests were present.

1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Mary Atwool, Susan, Beverly and Hugh Price, Ann Mallinson, Penny Carnaby (for leaving early), Betty Fleming, Barbara Milburn, Graeme Shaw.

2. The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2005 were accepted. Carrick Lewis / Alison Grant

3. There were no Matters arisingfrom the 2005 Minutes.

4. The Minutes of the Special General Meeting 2005 were accepted. Sheila Williams / Barbara Murison

5. There were no Matters arising from the SGM Minutes.

6. President’s Report

The President, Emma MacDonald, presented her Report for the year 2005/2006, outlining the activities of both the Friends and the research librarian. In conclusion, Emma thanked the National Library for continuing to allow the Society to hold meetings free-of-charge in the building. She thanked the members of the Society for their continuing interest in the Collection and the various meetings and performances; and all the Committee members for their continuing energy and enthusiasm, catering skills and support for the Research Librarian.
Emma MacDonald / Carrick Lewis
The report was adopted with acclaim.

7. Matters arising from the President’s Report

Carrick Lewis commended the President on the fulsome report on the activities of both the Society and the activities related to the collections.

8. Treasurer’s Financial Report 2005/2006

Trevor Mowbray, The Treasurer, presented the Financial Report, noting that many subscriptions and donations to the Scholarship Fund had already been received.
It was agreed to maintain subscriptions at $20 per annum.
Trevor Mowbray / Emma MacDonald

9. Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection Scholarship Report

Joan McCracken noted the 2005 Award was presented to Andrew Francis for his research into anti-alienism prior to World War I. The Victoria Foundations, which administers the award, acknowledged receipt of the cheque for the award and expressed appreciation of the Friends’ ongoing support.
Motion: “That the Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection continue to offer the Scholarship in 2006” was passed with acclaim.
Joan McCraken / Fay Far

10. Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection website report

Joan McCracken demonstrated the web site to the meeting, highlighting the additional features that Jeff Hunt has added during the last year. The meeting expressed its appreciation with applause. Sheila Williams suggested that the Friends add the url to all publicity. (

11. Election of officers for the 2006/2007 Committee
Patron : Margaret Mahy
President: Emma MacDonald
Treasurer: Trevor Mowbray
Correspondence Secretary: Barbara Robertson
Notetaker: Lynne Jackett
Newsletter: Joan McCracken
Committee: Tania Connelly, Audrey Cooper, Alison Grant, Mary Hutton.
The nominations were accepted with acclaim. Carrick Lewis added the rider that the incoming Committee has the power to co-opt as necessary.

Emma MacDonald expressed the Committee’s and the Society’s gratitude to Kerry Fryer for her contribution as Secretary and as a Committee member and wished her well for her retirement and travels.

12.General business
Emma MacDonald thanked Lynne Jackett for her energetic performance of her responsibilities as Research Librarian and her support for the Friends.

The meeting closed at 7.15 pm

The meeting was preceeded by Tales for the perfect child, an illustrated talk presented by Lynne Jackett, Research Librarian for the Dorothy Neal White & National Children’s Collections, with additional readings from cautionary tales by Tania Connelly and Joan McCracken.


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