The Gallery,, National Library of New Zealand 6pm, Tuesday 15th May 2006

(Last year’s minutes Minutes of the 2006 meeting)
(Last year’s minutes Minutes of the 2008 meeting)

Emma MacDonald, President, welcomed thirty-one Friends to the AGM and presentation.

1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Gail Andrews, Mary Atwool, Alison Elliott, Rowan Gibbs, Maria Heenan, Arthur and Bernice Olsen, Hugh and Beverley Price, and Marjorie Pattie (who included an invitation “for any DNW members who are travelling on the highway between Blenheim and Nelson to contact me at (03) 5786466 and I will be pleased to open up the Renwick Museum for them to view our book collections of school texts and historical children’s fiction. Otherwise we are open Mondays 10-4.”).

2.The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2006 were accepted. Carrick Lewis / Fay Far

3. There were no Matters arising, other than a query about the Scholarship which is addressed in item 7 below.

4. President’s Report

The President, Emma MacDonald, presented her Report for the year 2006/2007, outlining the activities of both the Friends and the research librarian. In conclusion, Emma thanked the National Library for continuing to allow the Society to hold meetings free-of-charge in the building. She thanked the members of the Society for their continuing interest in the Collection and the various meetings and performances; and all the Committee members for their continuing energy and enthusiasm, catering skills and support for the Research Librarian. Emma MacDonald / Barbara Mabbett

The report was adopted with acclaim.

5. Matters arising from the President’s Report

There were no Matters arising from the President’s Report.

6. Treasurer’s Financial Report 2006/2007

Trevor Mowbray, The Treasurer, presented the Financial Report, noting that many subscriptions and donations to the Scholarship Fund had already been received. As there had been no Notes – Books – Authors published and no Scholarship awarded, the Society’s funds are particularly robust.

The subscription will remain at $20 per annum. Trevor Mowbray / Joan McCracken

7. Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection Scholarship Report

Joan McCracken noted that there had been no applicants for the 2006 Scholarship. Joan contacted the Scholarships Office at Victoria University of Wellington to discuss the likely cause of this lack of interest and possible solutions. At $500, our scholarship is not really a scholarship in university terms, where scholarships usually cover student fees for a year (approximately $5,000). It might be better termed a “prize”, but because it is not confined to one Faculty or School, this would be problematic for the university to administer. They did suggest that it be made available to Honours students as well as post-graduate students.

Members suggested a name change to “research grant” or “award”, that it be made biennial, that it be drawn to the attention of the School of Education, and that we consider distance students being able to apply for the grant to assist them to travel to Wellington to use the collections. The Committee will follow up Barbara Mabbett’s suggestion that we form a small working party to brainstorm ideas.

Susan also noted that ther had been no applicants for her Susan Price Scholarship and that ther is a similar problem with lack of visibility. Susan expressed interest in any strategies for encouraging applicants that might come out of the working party’s deliberations.

8. Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection website report

Joan McCracken noted that more material has been added and authors’ permission will be sought to add further Notes – Books – Authors to the site. While the site now has a considerable amount of information about the collections, information about the Society and its activities could be expanded, and this will be a focus for 2007.

Carrick Lewis moved that the Scholarship and Web Reports be received and the Co-ordinator and Web Site Manager be thanked for their efforts. The motion was adopted with acclaim.

9. Election of officers for the 2006/2007 Committee

The existing office holders and committee members had all expressed their willingness to stand again. In addition, Emma MacDonald nominated Janet Blake, seconded by Trevor Mowbray.

The 2007/2008 Committee is:

Patron: Margaret Mahy

President: Emma MacDonald

Treasurer: Trevor Mowbray

Correspondence Secretary: Barbara Robertson

Notetaker: Lynne Jackett

Newsletter: Joan McCracken

Committee: Janet Blake, Tania Connelly, Audrey Cooper, Alison Grant, Mary Hutton.

The nominations were accepted with acclaim.

Susan Price noted that it is onerous working on committees and thanked the committee for its efforts.

10.General business

General business

Emma MacDonald thanked Lynne Jackett for her enthusiasm and commitment to her role as Research Librarian.

The meeting closed at 6.40 pm.

The meeting was followed by Beating the track of the alphabet, an illustrated presentation by Peter Ireland, National Library Gallery Manager, and an opportunity to browse the exhibition A to Z: an illustrated alphabet.


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