Storylines Free Family Day

Wellington, Sunday 23 August 2015


Are you passionate about helping kids read?

Family Day is getting closer!

Storylines Free Family Days help kids meet New Zealand authors and illustrators and have fun with their books. Crafts, live performances, face-painting, competitions, and activities help kiwi books come  to life for kiwi kids.

Unlock the child within!

Encounter weird and wild creatures!

Run amok with aliens and astronauts!

Fling a medieval insult and help kids create medieval stories!

Meet ‘Monkey Boy’ and help kids cook creatively!

Fish up something from beneath the surface in the underwater corner.

Dare to dress up! Shape-shifters welcome! Cool costumes rewarded!

Over 4,000 Wellingtonians  attended  Family Day in 2014! This year we are at Shed 6, on Wellington waterfront, next to the TSB Arena. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this special rewarding day.

If you’re interested in helping as a volunteer on the day, please contact, Nikki Geeson, the volunteer coordinator for the Wellington Free Family Day. Email and let her know how you are able to help, or for more information phone her on 022 0104373.

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