Tiakiwai Conference Centre, Natioanl Library of New Zealand, Wellington 6:00pm, Tuesday 21 May 2013

CHAIR: Joan McCracken MINUTES: Lynne Jackett

Twenty-three members attended the AGM
Last year’s minutes Minutes of the 2012 meeting)
2014 Minutes

Apologies: Emma MacDonald, Bill Macnaught, Mary Atwool, Susan Price, David Retter, Mary Bodmin, Arthur and Bernice Olsen.

1. The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2012 were circulated and accepted – Barbara Murison / Trevor Mowbray

2. Matters arising
Finding a way to increase membership numbers.

  • Corrina Gordon and Mary Skarott will meet with children’s librarians around Wellington and encourage them to join.
  • Barbara Murison will suggest to the Wellington Children’s Book Association membership that they join.
  • Joan McCracken will look at the promotion of both the Friends and the collections. The meeting endorsed a proposal that there be a dedicated display space or case for the Dorothy Neal White and National Children’s Collections and children’s resources from the Alexander Turnbull Library collections.
  • Carrick Lewis noted that there has been considerable disruption over the last few years and now that the library has reopened in the refurbished building, membership is likely to increase. If the National Library Society, Friends of the Turnbull Library and Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection co-operate and co-ordinate that will strengthen them all.
  • Trevor Mowbray acknowledged that disruption has had an impact, and noted that membership follows activity, so holding meetings more frequently is likely to boost membership.

3. President’s report

Joan McCracken circulated and spoke to the President’s Report 2012-2013, in Emma MacDonald’s absence. She highlighted activities held during the year and the publication of two newsletters.

4. Matters arising from the President’s Report

  • Mary Skarott confirmed that she could arrange for supervised client visits to the collections when needed.
  • Sheila Williams queried the receipt of Newsletters by individuals who are non-members. Janet Blake explained that newsletters were distributed to members who had lapsed for one year, as this often prompted a renewal of their membership.
  • Following discussion led by Mary Mowbray and Dorothy Mitchell it was agreed: that communications would state that the sub starts at the AGM and that the following newsletter should state that “Your membership is now due”; subscription requests would not be needed on other communications throughout the year; that non-payers would be emailed half way through the year. Consideration will be given to indicating on newsletters whether a current subscription has been paid.

Joan McCracken / Barbara Murison

5.Treasurer’s Financial Report

Janet Blake presented the Financial Report for 2012-2013. She noted that the Friends are in a good financial position and the cheque account would soon be boosted by incoming membership fees and the transfer of interest from the Term Deposit and Fixed Term Investment and the capital will be reinvested in further term investments.

Matters arising from the Treasurer’s Report

Joan McCracken noted that the Friends have joined the Wellington Region Heritage Promotion Council. Janet Horncy noted that this could be a means of promoting both the Society and the collections.

Janet Blake / Carrick Lewis; accounts approved by acclamation

6. Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection Research Grant

Information and application forms have been distributed to tertiary education and children’s literature organisations. Mary Skarott reported that there had been several indications of interest. Applications close at the end of May and it is anticipated that an award will be made.

Joan McCracken thanked Lynne Jackett for the preparatory work and Mary Skarott for distributing the documents.

7. Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection website report

The website has been maintained up to date, but no new features were added last year. In the forthcoming year, the web manager will take the opportunity to rethink and refresh the site.

8. Election of Officers
Joan McCracken noted that there are some significant gaps in office holders, following the death of the Patron, Margaret Mahy, and the resignation of the President and three other committee members.
Nominees for Patron should be identified by the committee and presented to a general meeting.

Carrick Lewis / Sheila ; accounts approved by acclamation

As an interim measure, until a President is nominated, the three National Library staff members will share the administrative responsibilities of the President (Joan McCracken to chair meetings , Mary Skarott and Corinna Gordon to prepare agendas and minutes). As it would be inappropriate for a staff member to undertake an advocacy role, Janet Blake has agreed to accept that responsibility.

The following officers and committee members were re-elected unanimously, by acclaim:
Treasurer: Janet Blake
Membership Secretary: Trevor Mowbray
Newsletter: Joan McCracken
Research Librarian Children’s Literature: Mary Skarott
Committee: Audrey Cooper, Barbrara Robertson, Corinna Gordon; and Tania Connelly was welcomed back to the committee.

General Business

  1. Suggestions for future events
    • Tania Connelly is launching a self-published book on 1 November. At a Friends’ event, Tania will tell the story of what it’s like to be a self-publisher.
    • Corrina Gordon suggested her father, a storyteller who performs as Bringwonder.
  2. The next Notes Books Authors
    • The next issue, planned for later this year, will document Trevor Mowbray’s 2011 presentation on children’s books from the 1940s.
  3. Events
    • Sheila Williams acknowledged the value of the recent online resources session presented by Mary Skarott, and suggested that such sessions could be repeated in the future.

The meeting closed at 6:45 pm

The AGM was followed by Chris Szekely (Chief Librarian Alexander Turnbull Library) talking about the genesis of his award-winning children’s book Rahui and his soon to be published Swim.


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